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Post Your Jobs on the Largest Healthcare Job Board

Choose a site that is Healthcare Specific

You have lots of options these days on where to post your jobs but it makes the most sense to post where healthcare professionals are looking for jobs. Generalist sites are generally for everyone so many times you have unwanted and unqualified candidates applying to your openings. HealthJobs specializes in understanding and delivering healthcare talent.

You Only Pay when We Deliver

HealthJobs operates by only billing our customers when we’ve provided traffic to your jobs. By simply providing a credit card and establishing a budget, you can control how visible you want your job postings to be. Most employers choose to post jobs at a range of $0.25 - $1.00 per click. The more you budget for, the more traffic your job postings will get.

Have Lots of Jobs? - Set up a “Job Feed”

Have more than a few openings? Consider giving us a URL where your jobs can be found as either a RSS or XML feed. We will update your jobs each day automagically and you determine which jobs get sponsored and for what amount.